The House Republicans and the Republican Grifters are the Reason Why Hunter Biden and Other Democrat Criminal Abusers of Power Escape Charges

In the Spotlight

30th July 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The House Republicans and the grifter community of the Republican Party are walking on eggshells and have been so for years. Why ? Why can’t they take decisive action on anything, when the evidence clearly points to the truth ? 

Did any of these bogus representatives of the Republican Party, both elected and unelected, like Charlie Kirk and the shebang, lift a finger to save President Trump during any of the false charges levied against him, followed by impeachments and indictments ? NO ! They sat on their a**** and did nothing ! They continue to sit on their a**** and do nothing but garner more funds, prominence and publicity for themselves. The more problems that arise for the former president, the more ballyhoo they can peddle and more money they can eek out of the Republican rank and file.

The grifters sit and pontificate while misleading the Party’s youth, calling themselves, Students For 

Trump !!!  What do they do for Trump ? They only use and abuse his name !!! It is absolutely disgusting behaviour on the part of these so called leaders and influencers on the internet. We need to systematically weed them all out and start acting by ourselves and not through proxy fakesters, who claim to lead us, from now on, moving forwards.

We will never be able to Make America Great Again, if we continue to go after these scumbags. 

Has a single Republican affiliated group or individual seriously addressed the cases wielded against the former president ? NO !

We don’t even want to talk about this matter regarding the Media, both Republican or conservative and the mainstream. None of them have come forwards to expose the truth and reality about the cases filed against President Trump or even the tremendous number of false cases that have been mounted upon the January 6th Political Prisoners !!

Nobody has come forwards to challenge the cases being filed by the Biden Department of Justice against a perfectly honest former president.  

Nobody from the Republican Party nor the grifters have come forwards to expose the crimes committed against the J6ers now languishing in the DC Gulag and other prisons, undergoing the worst type of torture.

These are both unconstitutional violations of justice that demand to be investigated and counter charged with the full brunt of the lawfare that can possibly be mustered.

This is also the reason why nothing gets done to impeach Joe Biden and charge Biden, his son, Hunter Biden, and the Biden Crime Family.

No elected Republican in Congress nor a single grifter supposed to be supporting We the People of the Republican Party’s rank and file is actually supporting their Party.

These persons MUST be called out for who they all are – HUMBUGS AND VILLAINS !

These Kevin McCarthy and Charlie Kirk types spend their days pretending to be bailing Republicans, while they get funded by Republican money, but spend their entire time perpetuating a HOAX !

The hoax is pretending to be the ones to bail the Republicans who have been put into trouble exactly due to their very inactions that keep them going at the very detriment to the rank and file of the Republican Party. 

Has Charlie Kirk or any of the grifters lifted a finger to help President Trump from all of the unconstitutional criminality hurled at him by the Democrats and the Deep State ? NO !

Has Charlie Kirk or any of the other grifters helped a single January 6er to save them from the unconstitutional criminality wielded against them by the Democrat Globalist Cabal ? NO !

Have any of the Republicans in Congress or the Republican grifters taken any action to clean up the Elections to ensure future free and fair elections or to protect our Second Amendment Rights and other Unalienable Natural Rights as guaranteed by The Constitution ? NO !

I’ve said this before and I’m telling you now, none of you We the People of the Republican Party need to support either the good for nothing Republicans in Congress nor the Charlie Kirk grifters or even the Media cohorts, ever again.

What are they afraid of ? Death threats ? Being suicided ? (A country run on death threats and suiciding !!!).Then they should not have got into this business of politicking in the first place. But they did and they have all become millionaires overnight on the backs of the rank and file of the Republican Party and the conservatives.

Stop funding these fakester and stop rallying around them ! NOW !

Them being there is only making matters worse and not better, for Americans and America. Get the hell out of here, you unelected grifters and fake elected officials. NOW !

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