Why is the Education System, the Electoral System and Every System, Broken in America?

By Sharmini Jayawardena

One very important factor in putting all broken systems to right is to completely dismantle NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations which are a cancer that has spread around the modern world. Nonprofits and the lot must be completely done away with. They were installed by socialists and they must go away with the socialists.

Dismantle and bring  down the United Nations Organization, (and all of its arms and legs), which is the largest NGO in human history. It has been responsible for all of humanities chaos that has rotted countries from within ever since its inception in 1945.

People are going to go jobless in their hoards. Nonetheless, it is absolutely necessary that it is done,  to prevent further erosion from taking place. 

The UNO is single handedly responsible for denying countries their sovereignty and independence. After independence was secured by colonies from the colonial powers, the UNO became their neo colonial master. Once the colonists had left, the neo colonialist UNO took charge and ran the countries to the ground. 

We need to make sure the vacuum left by the dissolution of the UNO is not occupied by any other corrupt organization.

That being said, I refer to my three previous posts on Audits, Elections and Discipline as examples of this being a true fact.

I now find that the Arizona State Senator, Sonny Borelli, “ … put Arizona County Supervisors on notice this morning with a notice to stop using foreign machines in their elections.”, according to The Gateway Pundit’s reporting.

Election interference has been going on in America for decades due to the numerous related Systems not being subject to audits and verifications before they reach the final point of execution. By this what I mean is that every part of an Election that goes into making the Election a successful one must be properly documented and audited, at every level, as being accurate, before the Electoral Roll is created. This task as I have mentioned in my previous posts must be handled by the Federal Elections Commission. Thereafter the relevant Lists must be made available to all Polling Centers. If this is done prior to an Election being held, then there is no necessity to do time consuming and painstaking operations like signature verifications and other verifications after the voters have cast their vote.  Waiting this long to rectify a problem will only make the counting process go on for days, which we must avoid at all cost. Therefore, every aspect of the creation of an accurate Electoral Roll must be given utmost attention. To this end, the Electoral Roll must be ready and completed on time for the Election to be held, fairly and with integrity. Thereafter, the counting of the votes at Counting Centers can be done speedily and without delay. Thereby, one day after the Election having taken place, the Election Results can be announced by the Elections Commissioner.

By this method of holding elections, all fraud can be eliminated and averted at every level and We the People will be having the results with them without much ado and on time.

Speaking of the education system, this has got to be cleaned up from the substitute teacher up to the Education Secretary. This is only if We the People want to send their children for education to schools. There is always the possibility of home schooling for which Ron Paul has a ready Curriculum for you. 

In Education Automation by R. Buckminster Fuller: Freeing The Scholar To Return To His Studies, p32, he says, 

“Parents quite clearly love their children; that is a safe general observation. We don’t say parents send their children to school to get rid of them. The fact is, however, that it is very convenient for mothers, in order to be able to clean the house for the family, to have the children out of the way for a little while. The little red school house was not entirely motivated by educational ambitions. 

There is also a general baby-sitting function which is called school. While the children are being “baby sat,” they might as well be given something to read. We find that they go along pretty well with the game of “reading”; so we give them more to read, and we add writing and arithmetic. Very seriously, much of what goes on in our schools is strictly related to social experiences, and that is fine— that’s good for the kids. But I would say we are going to add much more in the very near future by taking advantage of the children’s ability to show us what they need.”

By this very fact, what I believe we can conclude is that the parent owes as much a debt as the school owes the parents an abundance of duty to remunerate them, whose children by now are absorbing the information fed to them like sponges. This is because they will eventually be used to serve society in a way to advance it. However, is this the purpose for which parents produce children ? 

If parents were remunerated at the point of sending them to the school house, then we could stop the cycle from moving forward, right there. There will be no advancement to society in the way that it has done now. The children will nonetheless be brought up but only for the benefit of their own family and not to serve society. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to live like the Amish, either. 

There would be small communities which will produce food and other services that are required by the communities. Human propagation will go on unabated. There will be no necessity for this mass scale advancement in every single possible avenue that is going on today. Just think about it.

Buckminster Fuller goes on to say, “I have taken photographs of my grandchildren looking at television. Without consideration of the “value,” the actual concentration of a child on the message which is coming to him is fabulous. They really “latch on.” Given the chance to get accurate, logical and lucid information at the time when they want and need to get it, they will go after it and inhibit it in a most effective manner. I am quite certain that we are soon going to begin to do the following: At our universities we will take the men who are the faculty leaders in research or in teaching. We are not going to ask them to give the same lectures over and over each year from their curriculum cards, finding themselves confronted with another roomful of people and asking themselves, “What was it I said last year?” This is a routine which deadens the faculty member. We are going to select, instead, the people who are authorities on various subjects—the men who are most respected by other men within their respective departments and fields. They will give their basic lecture course just once to a group of human beings, including both the experts in their own subject and bright children and adults without special training in the field. This lecture will be recorded as Southern Illinois University did my last lecture series of fifty-two hours in October 1960. They will make moving picture footage of the lecture as well as hi-fi tape recording. Then the professor and his faculty associates will listen to this recording time and again…”

Buckminster Fuller goes on to suggest how homeschooling will become a possibility with refining the lecture in documentaries so as to make it most acceptable to the student who is by now able to access it through advanced forms of communication. I believe he is making reference to the Internet here, which was not to be invented for a long time.

He also says on p32 of his book that, “When an individual is really thinking, he is tremendously isolated. He may manage to isolate himself in Grand Central Station, but it is despite the environment rather than because of it. The place to study is not in a school room.”

We are fast approaching an era where we lose direct control over every aspect of our lives, to mass producers of everything. This is where we are today. The mega conglomerates, the media industrial complex, the military industrial complex, the medical industrial complex, call it what you will, they are the ones pulling the strings. Those leaders or politicians have lost touch with reality and stopped being beholden to the People who are working to advance society and supposed to have voted to elect them. They are working to advance the conglomerates and their tycoons. I say, supposed to have elected them, because today’s fraudulent elections do not require voters to vote for them. They can stuff any number of ballot boxes with any number of votes in order to win at elections, which are fraudulently counted by machines assisted by humans.

This is not the reason we produced children or sent them to the red school house to begin with. We have lost all perspective of our original and genuine lives.

Going back to the Arizona Elections once again,  

Article 1 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution gives State Legislatures the power to “regulate the ‘Times, Places and Manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives.’”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The Arizona House and Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, setting official requirements for the use of electronic voting machines in the state and banning the use of those that use foreign components.

This resolution also requires the source code used in any computerized voting machine for federal elections to be made available to the public.

This Resolution bypassed the Governor and was transmitted directly to the Secretary of State’s office. If the Secretary of State and Arizona Counties do not comply with this new rule, the Legislature can and likely will sue.

Senator Borrelli issued the following press release this morning:

Senate Majority Leader Calls on County Supervisors Statewide to Protect National Security During Future Elections.”

These are all however, piecemeal, unreliable solutions to the more widespread problem for which I have given simple solutions in my aforementioned posts. Electronic systems MUST NOT be used in any Election anywhere in America. Period.

The worst that can happen to our Elections is to have some sort of external security force in charge of supervising them !!! Elections are supposed to be held in as normal a condition as possible with no appearance of coercion whatsoever.

In the light of what is taking place in Pennsylvania, it is evident that voting must be returned to paper ballot by hand and counted by hand.

Meanwhile, on other matters, a mother who loses her autistic daughter to rape and murder by an MS-13 gang member whom Joe Biden is directly responsible for having allowed into the Country, makes a very unimpressive accusation against Biden. She should vehemently demand that Biden and his Democrats be brought down with a vengeance, to justice. Instead, the Former ICE official Jon Feere, is more forceful. One wonders if this mother is beyond consolation due to the terrible tragedy, in which case it is truly sad, or if she’s not too concerned because the child was autistic. 

Now this:

The socialists want America to become a third world hellhole.

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