Here’s What Leaf Blogazine was Up to in the Past Year

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A big thank you to our contributors. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

Today, September 23, 2023, marks the 12th year of Leaf Blogazine having been in existence, but the 6th year since being in operation.

I’ve been itching to write on our past year’s achievements so earnestly as we’ve attained much in the form of online creating.

Before much ado I must state that Leaf Blogazine is getting a facelift with the addition of an all new category that’s going to be added. The title of which is – Making America Great Again !!!

That being said, I like to make a note of the fact that all of mainstream social media and even our web host, WordPress, have been extremely hostile towards us purely due to the conservative beliefs that we follow and espouse. We are totally unafraid in doing so as our About Us page will tell you. We definitely will occupy a very prominent place on the internet in time, as we continue to fight the good fight breaking through the shackles the opposition has mired us in and placed upon us, very soon ! 

All of this however, is entirely liberating. 

This past year has been particularly exciting as we got on to the pro membership of our meme maker, Mematic,  and, voila, I was off to creating memes to my heart’s content. My creative juices were unleashed in this new area of creating and was finally set free and let loose, as it were 🙂. 

Here are some of our digital art creations for your edification – 




Besides having created hearty memes, we have been involved in altering much of the layout as in adding changes to the cover by introducing our cocktail menu which invariably carries a leaf for garnishing. Here’s an example of it in this lemongrass sour:

Apart from these new ventures into hitherto unchartered territory, we have taken a good look at the creation of journals, which I had already embarked on with the creation of my very first journal, which was the Boy’s Junk Journal. My next creation which is a journal for an artist who’s also a writer is in the making and I’m right now in the process of doing much needed research for it. 

As you know I am hoping to get seriously involved in the business of creating dyed or coloured paper to be sold possibly on an online store.  My hopes are bearing fruit as I’m already on to dying paper using fruit peel. I am also hoping to create my signature journals. I’m still trying to figure out if I should use the word LEAF as the trademark or use my own name for this.

Progress, we have indeed made in the past year. We made a trip to Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, which inspired a few posts based on the unique experience we enjoyed while over there. Check out our sweet and memorable stay at Four Seasons Langkawi.

We may very likely return to this magical place, to enjoy the surrounding forest area which we did not have the time to experience and also to plant a tree on the premises, which the management has so generously obliged us.

We made inroads into the creation of videos for the Blogazine, particularly in the past year. Our YouTube channel is now filled with videos of our numerous activities for you to enjoy. 

As you may see it has been a most exhilarating time for us, combining work with play and enjoying every bit of it, while we were at it. Here’s hoping for a better year ahead.

Cheers 🥂 🍻 🍸

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